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Welcome to our new blog about the seasons at Buckland Farm Market.  Located on a working farm in Fauquier County, Virginia, Buckland is a true country market.  Our products are defined by the seasons of the year.   So are our lives defined by the seasons, in what we do, what we wear and, certainly, what we eat.

Apples are the definition of late summer, early fall.  Our Virginia apples are arriving almost daily,  each bringing back memories of past autumns, the aroma of apple butter cooking over an open fire, apple pies, dumplings, cobblers and crisps fresh out of the oven.  And freshly-pressed apple cider!

During apple season at Buckland, we may have over twenty-five varieties, each a favorite of someone’s memory.  Early apples, such as Galas and Honey Crisps are perfect for eating out of hand.  Cortlands and Empires are wonderful for fresh eating or cooking.  In Sherry Lynn’s Bake Shop, Sherry might choose Ida Reds, MacIntosh or Winesaps for her pies, but she may also add Golden Delicious or other sweet apples, allowing her to use less sugar.  Apples also flavor her strudels, dumplings, loaf cakes and apple cider donuts.

Our freshly-pressed apple cider is made from several different apple varieties, giving it a wonderful sweet, tart flavor.  It’s usually available mid-September, after gathering just the right apples for the best flavor.  A reminder: cider should be refrigerated.  Otherwise, you’ll have “hard” cider; although that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

FYI:   Virginia is one of the top apple-producing states.  Two pounds of apples are needed for a 9” pie and 36 apples for a gallon of cider.   Apples are fat, sodium and cholesterol free, with about 80 calories in a medium apple.  Apples are healthy, benefitting cholesterol, diabetes, weight loss, certain cancers, bone health, asthma and Alzheimer’s.  Who knew?

So after you’ve played the last baseball game, the first football and soccer games, raked the leaves, or enjoyed the colors and aromas of fall, come to Buckland Farm Market for a delicious, healthy apple.

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